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A red and sensitive topic

Yes! in this post I'll talk about a sensitive topic for many: menstruation. So if you don't want to continue reading you should continue reading.

Since I was a little girl I've always been very honest about how I feel, what I think and what I do. I remember that once when I was about 14 years old I told a friend while we were going on the bus on the way home that I wasn't feeling good and that I had menstrual cramps. I think for him knowing that I had my period changed his life. It affected him so much that the next day he looked for me to tell me that he found my comment very rude and ... to this day it seems to me very rude that people are still so alarmed about such a natural and simple subject as menstruation.

A few days ago I read a post that caught my attention and made me think about my situation. And also reminded me a Chinese swimmer who talked about it during the Olympics. The article talks about how menstruation affects women who have jobs related to sex. Well I don't work with sex but I do menstruate and I do work like every women so I wanted to write about it.

What I've always found more difficult in work environments is that I feel that everyone forgets women menstruate. Working as a sound engineer and in the audiovisual world where probably 95% of your co-workers are men does not help. Obviously it is a taboo and now with feminism I think it is worse because some "feminist" women want to make us look like we are superheroes and we are not. And I know I'm not the only one: when I'm on my period I feel physically ill and I would like this to be consider while I'm working. But literally the show must go on and I know that probably this wont change on my side of the world or at least I don't think It will change anytime soon.

So I want to share some tips that I've found helpful at work and allow me to do physical work even when I feel pain, nausea, weakness and discomfort. Yes! read: pain, nausea, weakness and discomfort. No!, I'm not bitter because I'm "on my days", I really feel bad.

About 8 years ago I met and I use the wonderful menstrual cup. What gives me more comfort is that it can help you to endure more hours than a tampon or a sanitary pad and does not irritate you. If you have no problems with touching blood and exploring your vagina I recommend it 100%. It has other benefits such as helping you take care of the environment and your pocket as well as saying goodbye to the bad smell.

To the menstrual cup I had added the use of organic sanitary towels but recently I met another wonder: Thinx underwear (that's where I read the article that originated this post). If the menstrual cup gives me hours of comfort when I combine it with the Thinx I'm even happier because I don't have to be aware of any accident or spill that may occur it is simply impossible. It is normal underwear and you don't have to be adding anything. Just wash it and voilà.

Finally and what has made me truly happy is: to be able to kill the pain. It's menstrual cramps that make my menstruation days a nightmare. No pills or combinations of them can calm them but electrodes do! In another press article where they advertised a brand of electrodes for menstrual cramps I read about them and I wanted to try. It works. You don't need drugs. it's easy and discreet. 100% recommended. Depending on the intensity of the pain it may calm you completely or up to 80%. The only strange thing may be the sensation but it is worth it. It can be any electrode it doesn't have to be the most expensive brand that they promote for menstrual cramps and you can get them at any pharmacy there are different options and models.


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