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Mix with the Masters and Tom Lord Alge

I found out about Mix with The Masters through

Mix with the Masters is a series of workshops offered in studios La Fabrique in the south of France where you can share a week long with one of the most popular sound engineers in the world.

I filled the application online submitting samples of my work and received an answer to attend the seminar (that's how easy the process is). They have this selection process to avoid candidates that are not really related with recording, mixing, producing , etc...

Seminar Fee is a little expensive but it really pays the stay and the knowledge you receive. Facilities are great, the recording studio is amazing. They really know how to feed you well. The staff from Mix with Masters are the best and they will really take care of you and everything you need. The seminar is really intensive and you'll be sharing all day and all meals with the Master, that gives you the best opportunity to squeeze all of his or her knowledge during those amazing days.

The group that shared the seminar with me was incredible. 13 gentleman from all over the world (Brazil, UK, USA, Germany, and Italy) we still keep in touch with each other sharing knowledge and material. They really are the best.

Tom Lord Alge is a real artistic and sensitive person that showed us that the only limit we have as engineers is our creativity and I quote: "If you don't have the time to do it right you won't have the time to do it again"

Mix With the Masters: Totally worth it! Totally recommended!

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